Neat Feat Maximum Foot Support (3 sizes)

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Neat Feat Maximum Foot Supports

Neat Feat Maximum Foot Support (3 sizes)

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Neat Feat's Maximum Foot Supports offer three-quarter length support that don’t pack down; they flex and flow with every foot movement. The design is truly innovative, the heel cup cradles your heel, the heel bed cushions and absorbs impact and shock. The mild longitudinal arch support reduces arch strain, and the metatarsal pads support your transverse arch. Neat Feat’s innovative EVA cushioning construction catches the shock forces and distributes them evenly to reduce trauma. These maximum foot supports are your ideal solution to relieve heel, lower back and arch pain, stabilize your foot and prevent strain and injury. Neat Feat Maximum Foot Support is designed to give you maximum support and protection against heel strike and lower back pain.

Small: EURO 36-38, AUS W 6-8, AUS M 3-5, UK W 4-6, UK M 3-5, US W 5-7, US M 4-6.

Medium: EURO 39-42.5, AUS W 9-11, AUS M 6-8, UK W 7-9, UK M 6-8, US W 8-10, US M 7-9.

Large: EURO 43-45, AUS W 12+, AUS M 9-11, UK W 10+, UK M 9-11, US W 11+, US M 10-12.

The benefits of this product include:

  • Helps relieve pain and fatigue in your arch, heel, knee, leg and lower back.
  • Combats the forces of heel strike.
  • Stabilizes foot in shoe to minimize friction.
  • Gives maximum metatarsal support.
  • Helps relieve Plantar Fasciitis and lower back pain.
  • Redistributes body weight to reduce foot pain.

How To Use

Insert in shoes. Wear for a few hours a day until feet adjust to correction. Then wear full time. Hand wash in warm water and air dry.