General First Aid

Stay prepared in any situation with our General First Aid solutions. We offer first aid box, medical kit, sports first aid kit, and even small first aid kit for your convenience. Whether it’s a basic first aid kit, trauma kit, or a burn kit you need, we have you covered.

Make sure you're equipped to treat and manage a range of ailments with our selection of Aching Joints relief products and Hydration solutions. These essentials are perfect additions to your first aid pack, helping you feel better quicker.

For everything from sprains and strains, to burns and bites, our range of Braces, Burns & Bites treatments and Hot & Cold Packs, like instant ice packs, are go-to remedies in any first-aid scenario.

Protective gear like Mouthguards and Physio supports, alongside our Tapes and Wound care products, round up our first aid items list - ensuring your 1st aid kit is always equipped for any emergency first aid situation.