Learn About MedAdvisor:

At The Pharmacy Network your health and wellbeing are our priority, and we understand that it is easy to lose track when your doctor prescribes more than one medication or vitamins and supplements.

The Pharmacy Network has partnered with MedAdvisor® and Webster Pak® to offer solutions for when you or a family member is on multiple medications. This combined with our ‘Home by Choice Club’ can help make it easier for you to stay at home or for family members assist you with your medications.

How MedAdvisor Works:

MedAdvisor has been designed using state-of-art internet and mobile phone technology to provide you with a tool that ensures you use medication safely, effectively and on-time. MedAdvisor is a smart list of your medications, which updates every time you fill your scripts, lets you know how much you have left and you can order more directly through the app.

MedAdvisor's home screen provides an automatic list of all your prescription medications, updated whenever you fill scripts. Whenever you fill a script your home screen is updated, typically within one hour. 

Your Prescription History at your Fingertips

Vaccination Record: MedAdvisor® can keep track of any vaccinations that you may have had dispensed like your flu vaccine. Conveniently stored on your device means it is easier for you to access this information when you’re on the go.

Tap to Refill:

Using the Tap-To-Refill feature, you can order prescription repeats and Webster-pak® to be dispensed in advance at your preferred Pharmacy Network store. Order one or many medications in the one order. You'll receive a message from the pharmacy as soon as your medicines are ready to collect. When you arrive at the pharmacy your scripts are ready to go! Remember you MUST leave your prescriptions on file at the pharmacy to allow the Tap-ToRefill feature. Your pharmacist needs to check the paper prescriptions before dispensing your medication.

Take-My-Meds Medication Reminders:

Take-My-Meds reminds you when to take specific medications each day, at the appropriate times of the day. The optional Take-My-Meds feature lets your smart phone or tablet alert you every time you're due to take medication. The notifications include details of exactly which medications are due at that time. Alerts can be set daily on certain days, or on weekly, monthly or annual schedules. Short or long/persistent alert sounds can be included.

Carer Mode®:

Carer Mode®, you can add the medication profiles of multiple family members and access all their medications, and all other MedAdvisor® features, from within your account.

Ready to use on any device:

MedAdvisor can be used on just about any internet-connected device you can imagine. From smart phones – to tablets – to PCs and notebooks – if you can access the internet, you can use MedAdvisor to better manage your prescriptions with The Pharmacy Network.

How do I sign up to MedAdvisor?

Please bring your medicare card + photo ID into your preferred Pharmacy Network store and one of our healthcare consultants will assist you in signing up to MedAdvisor. Alternatively, download the MedAdvisor from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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