Careers at The Pharmacy Network


Full-time, Part-time & Casual Pharmacy Staff Needed

We are a different kind of Pharmacy group on the lookout for new team members to join our busy Canberra City pharmacy teams, including our new store on Bunda Street, Civic. We are service rather than discount-focused and offer traditional pharmacy services alongside natural and holistic remedies so our patients and customers can choose a unique, integrated approach to managing their healthcare.

If you are studying a health-related subject, working at the Pharmacy Network will provide invaluable patient and customer service experience, ensuring you come out a confident, well-rounded, highly skilled health professional ready to take on the challenges of working in the healthcare industry.

Click here if you are a pharmacy student looking for an internship in 2023/24

The Pharmacy Network proudly supports several health initiatives within Canberra and the surrounding region, including mental health and drug/alcohol programmes and all team members receive ongoing training that may suit your degree, including wound care and training in the supply of pharmacy and pharmacist-only medications. Previous experience in community Pharmacy is advantageous but not essential, and while our pharmacist team conduct vaccinations in all of our pharmacies, we do not require team members to be personally vaccinated to work with us. If you are passionate about health and wellbeing, we encourage you to apply by emailing with your CV and cover letter.