Medication Management

Organise your Personal Medication Pack

Many people need to take a number of tablets and capsules every day, but it can be difficult to remember to take all these medicines as
they were prescribed by a doctor. Clearly medicines won’t work properly when they’re not taken as intended, missed or accidental extra doses can result in extra health problems, falls, hospitalisations and other potentially serious side effects.

Webster-pak® is an Australian innovation and recognised around the world as a valuable medication management tool. The Pharmacy Network has
partnered with Webster-pak® to help make managing yours or loved ones medication easier.

Webster-pak® solutions work well for:

  • People taking multiple medications
  • People who travel
  • Children on regular medication
  • Packing daily vitamins

Evidence demonstrates that people who use a Webster-Pak system will almost always take their medicines as they are meant to be taken, and as prescribed by a doctor. Personal medication packs are a visible reminder to take your medications.

For a packing fee of only $5 a week, your Webster-pak® from your favourite Pharmacy Network store will provide a simple way of ensuring that all your medications are taken correctly and in accordance with the doctor’s orders. We will contact your doctor if we have any questions about your medication—your safety is our priority. Each Webster-pak® contains medication for one week, and is arranged into 4 columns and 7 rows.


Pill Bob

The Webstercare® Pil-Bob has been designed to make the removal of medication from Webster-pak® systems even easier. The Pil-Bob is ideal for individuals who suffer from poor eyesight, arthritis or have poor dexterity, and suitable for aged care staff, self-medicating residents and carers helping people to administer medication.

Talk to one of our pharmacists in your favourite Pharmacy Network store about your free trial of Webster-pak. If you are over 65, or have an elderly or disabled family member living at home alone, The Pharmacy Network would like to invite you to become a member of our Home By Choice Club.