Manicare Corn Plane 41000

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Manicare Corn Plane 41000

Manicare Corn Plane 41000

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Manicare Corn Plane is made from the finest quality stainless steel corn plane consists of a slider, blade and handle ensures easy & effective removal of corns & callouses. This product includes replacement blades.

The benefits of this corn plane are:

  • Removes corns & calluses.
  • Includes replacement blades.
  • Essential tool for pedicures.

How To Use

1. For removal of dead, dry skin only. Soften the corn or callous by soaking in warm water for 3-4 minutes & then lightly towel dry.

2. Hold the corn plane against the corn or callous so the blade is in contact with the hardened skin.

3. Carefully pare down the hard skin using slow light strokes to remove fine layers of dead tissue. Take care not to remove new soft skin.

4. After use, secure blade cover for storage.

To change blades: 1. Grip the side of the slider firmly with your thumb & forefinger.

2. Pull down towards handle to release & remove old blade.

3. Insert new blade on the slider.

4. Grip the sides of the slider firmly with two fingers.

5. Insert the slide-way on the handle through the metal tab & push the tab up with your thumb.


Sharp implement with sharp blade. Handle with care. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.