Thermoskin Plantar FXT Compression Socks Calf - Medium

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Thermoskin Plantar FXT Compression Socks Calf - Medium

Thermoskin Plantar FXT Compression Socks Calf - Medium

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Thermoskin Plantar FXT Socks are anatomically designed compression zones target the feet and calves, for the advanced pain management of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain and heel spurs. Also ideal for sports performance, sports recovery, shin splints, standing or sitting all day, travel, varicose veins and swollen or tired aching legs. They provide relief from fatigue, relief from pain, they minimise swelling and reduce long-term overuse injuries.

All Thermoskin products are designed and manufactured with high quality, durable materials specifically chosen to suit conditions, which ensures all product benefits listed are achieved. We encourage customers to look closely before purchasing cheaper imitations which may have similar claims to genuine Thermoskin products, but are often made from inferior materials, as they will often cause more harm than good.

The benefits of these compression socks are:

  • Graduated compression for improved blood circulation.
  • Targeted support for the foot and arch.
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking.


75% Nylon, 25% Spandex. Does not contain Latex.

How To Use

Place thumb inside socks and gather material. Slip each foot inside and gradually pull up over heel. Adjust to fit in foot and heel until comfortable. Gently slide socks up each leg.

Note: To ensure correct level of compression, do not fold socks over when worn.


If you have a history of blood clots, arterial circulation problems, or if pain persists please consult your medical professional.