Thermoskin EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve XLarge

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Thermoskin EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve XLarge

Thermoskin EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve XLarge

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Thermoskin EXO Stabilising Knee Sleeve Extra Large is anatomically shaped to stabilise and support the knee and patella whilst in use. The hexagon opening for the patella helps to keep it free from compression and provides 360º support. Anti-slip elasticised top and bottom help keep the support for everyday use or weak or injured knee conditions such as runner knee and patella dislocation.

Suitable for: Jumper’s Knee (Patella Tendon Overuse Injury, Patella Tendinosis, Patella Tendinopathy), Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome), Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.

The benefits of this product are:

  • EXO™ THERMO REGULATION TECHNOLOGY: A new innovation to the Thermoskin® range the exclusive EXO™ thermo regulation material releases energy in the form of heat.
  • EXO™ converts moisture into heat, working to provide increased muscle temperature and blood flow to aid in recovery.
  • Effective in the management of pain and injuries to soft tissue.
  • Helps to maintain a lightweight feel by converting moisture away from the skin, giving a longer more comfortable wear.
  • Support Level: Stabilising.
  • Warmth Level: Moderate.


Material: Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Rubber Foam. Does not contain Latex.

How To Use

Wash support before wear. Place foot into sleeve with Hex panel at the front and slide up the leg until the patella cut out is positioned over the kneecap. Adjust the knee sleeve so that it sits comfortably.


This product contains a synthetic fibre which may cause a reaction. Should irritation occur, discontinue use and seek medical advice.