Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit

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Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit

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Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit clears your baby's runny nose in seconds! This nasal aspirator relieves nasal congestion, assists clearer breathing and therefore allows for a better nights sleep and easier feeding! It is safe to use from birth and may be used multiple times a day. This kit contains a safe and effective motorised snot sucker to clear the nose and assist breathing; 4 soft silicone nozzles ideal for every stage of childhood and every type of snot.

Contents: - FREE refillable saline spray bottle: an essential first step to relieving congestion, FREE drawstring carry bag, for easy storage of all accessories and ready to travel in the nappy bag, 4 soft, silicon nozzles (newborn, short, long and ultra wide).

The benefits of this nasal aspirator are:

  • SUPER QUIET MOTOR will not scare your little one.
  • EASIER and MORE EFFECTIVE than a manual bulb or tube aspirator.
  • BATTERY POWERED SUCTION (2 x AA) to breathe, feed and sleep better.
  • ONLY AUSTRALIAN ASPIRATOR with 4 nozzles - perfect for every stage of childhood, and every type of snot.

How To Use

Please follow instructions for how to use.

Basic Everyday Cleaning: gently twist off the plastic collection cup. Separate the 2 pieces and nozzle and wash in hot water. Do NOT rinse the white handset under the tap.

Deep Cleaning: Every 10-20 uses, do an ADVANCED INTERNAL FLUSH of motor inside white handset, following the exact instructions within manual. Also do an internal flush if snot ever leaks or the motor sounds "gurgly".