Piksters Hydropik Cordless Waterflosser 1 Pack

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Now: $84.98
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Piksters® Hydropik® Water Flosser

Piksters Hydropik Cordless Waterflosser 1 Pack

(No reviews yet) Write a Review
Was: $99.95
Now: $84.98

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Piksters® HydroPik® Water Flosser delivers:

Cordless Convenience
• Freedom of movement.
• No messy cords when using.
• Use anywhere in the bathroom, including the shower.
• Large comfort grip.
• Charges with USB.

Effective Plaque Removal
• Fast and efficient, easy to use.
• 3 Operating Modes: Normal, Soft and Pulse.
• No damage or pain to the gums as can occur with flossing.
• Cleaning between teeth where brushing cannot reach results in more plaque removal than manual brushing alone.

Improved Gum Health
• Helps remove plaque.
• Removal of food debris may freshen your breath.
• A water flosser will get into areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.
• Piksters® HydroPik® water flosser cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline to remove food and bacteria.
• The pulsations (Pulse Mode) help dislodge food particles caught between the teeth.

Superior Cleaning Around Bridges, Implants, Braces, Crowns, Wires & Splints
• Cleaning bridges, implants & orthodontic braces etc with a Piksters® HydroPik® is a lot easier than flossing, especially if a floss threader is required.
• Effective toothbrushing is a lot more difficult around braces, brackets and wires.
• Piksters® HydroPik® eliminates snagging of floss or toothbrush bristles.