Mise-En-Scène Hello Bubble Hair Colour 3NT Dark Chocolate

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Mise-En-Scène Hello Bubble Hair Colour 3NT Dark Chocolate

Mise-En-Scène Hello Bubble Hair Colour 3NT Dark Chocolate

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  • Mise-en-scène all new Hello Bubble, the color you expect from the convenience of a bubble and the nutrition and color of the cream.
  • Easy to use do-it-yourself hair dye with an abundance of rich, soft foam for easy application.
  • The secret magic ampoule, which keeps your hair soft and smooth even after dyeing.
  • Ammonia-free and with pleasant sweet floral fragrance.
  • For light hair: 10AB Ash Beige, 6AO Ash Olive, 7A Ash Taupe Gray
  • For vivid hair: 7V Peri Violet, 7AR Ash Rose, 6A Dusty Ash, 4B Whale Deep Blu
  • For medium hair: 6N Choco Brown, 7K Ash Khaki Brown, 8MB Matte Brown
  • For tone down hair: 5A Dark Ash, 3NT Dark Choco


Step1: Purified water, phage-8, ethanolamine, sulfuric acid 1-hydroxyethanoyl-4,5-diaminopyrazole, 2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol hydrochloride, SEIEL, Erysorbic acid. Step 2: Purified water, hydrogen peroxide, cocamidopropyl betaine, dipropylene glycol, phage-150 distearate, sodium methylcocoyl taurate, sodium benzoate, etidronic acid, Phosphoric acid, Fragrance. Step 3: Purified water, Dipropylene glycol, Polyquaternium-6, Lavender flower, Madonna lily scaly stem extract, Chamomile flower extract

How To Use

1. Put on the gloves and the cape
2. Open Solution 2 and add all of Solution 1 and Solution 3 Double Bonding Ampoule. Close the cap tightly with the pump
3. Gently swirl the bottle about 20 times in circular motions until the content is mixed well
4. Place the container on a flat surface and dispense 3-4 pumps by pressing the pump with the palm
5. Apply the foam just like shampoo on your hair evenly and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse off with water thoroughly


For external application only. Read the label for ingredients and directions for use.