How to Keep Track of Your Prescriptions

Your health and wellbeing are our priority, and we understand that it is easy to lose track when your doctor prescribes more than one medication and vitamins and supplements.
Here are three smart ways to take the hassle out of managing your prescriptions and ensure you take your medication safely, effectively and on-time, every time.

1.    Get MedAvisor

MedAdvisor is an invaluable online app that can help manage the prescription medications you and your family require. Designed using state-of-art internet and mobile phone technology, MedAdvisor compiles a list of all your current prescription medications and:

  • Automatically updates every time you fill a script
  • Informs you when to take your medicine and how much medication you have left
  • Keeps track of all your medication history
  • Detects when you are running out of a medication and,
  • Reminds you with plenty of time to refill or speak with your doctor to arrange a new script.

Additionally, when you have left your scripts on file with The Pharmacy Network, you can use MedAdvisor to connect with us and let us know you need a script refilled and you’ll receive a message from us as soon as your medications are ready to collect!

To get started, visit or call your preferred Pharmacy Network store and get a pharmacy activation code from us to setup MedAdvisor on your smartphone, tablet or PC today!

2.    Use Webster Paks

For patients needing to take multiple medications at different times daily, The Pharmacy Network recommends signing up for our pre-packed medicine blister packs. For an additional cost of $20 a month, a multi-dose WebsterCare pack from one of our pharmacies:

  • Provides clear instructions for a single dose, daily or weekly doses of all your medications
  • Ensures you get the full benefits of your medications by reducing your chance or under or overdosing
  • Maintains your independence and peace of mind with one easy pack that you control and is packed just for you.

Please talk to one of our Dispense Team in your preferred store if you would like a free trial.

3.    Join Home By Choice

Many seniors and disabled community members maintain a higher sense of independence and better overall health by living in their own home. Our Home by Choice Club is designed to lend a helping hand by providing the following benefits:

  • Professional medication management
  • Automatically save 10% on all full-priced items in-store (not including prescriptions and products already on promotion)
  • Home delivery to 2600, 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604, 2605, 2612 and 2614 postcodes
  • Free product samples to trial

Please talk to us about setting up an account for you or an elderly or disabled relative living at home that could benefit from extra support. You are eligible to join our “Home by Choice” Club if you would like to leave your scripts on file with The Pharmacy Network and satisfy any of the following criteria:

  1. You are over 65 years of age, or
  2. You are living at home with a disability supported by NDIS.