Bushman Ultra Aerosol 40% DEET 60g

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Bushman Ultra Aerosol 40% DEET 60g

Bushman Ultra Aerosol 40% DEET 60g

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Bushman Ultra Aerosol 40% DEET is ultra long lasting, ideal for people demanding total protection for long durations. Bushman Ultra is water, sweat and rub resistant allowing the repellent to stay on the skin and continue to protect. It is formulated in a unique way, that allows for the active to be slowly released, resulting in improved performance. The repellents formulation is neither oily or greasy, it is comfortable to wear and unnoticable on the skin. The combination of an effective active blended with performance-enhancing, premium ingredients in formulations created with decades of experience make all Bushman products the best choice to protect you and your family.

Repels: Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, Ticks, Leeches, Sand Fleas, March Flies, No-See-Ums, Horse Flies & Bird Lice.

The benefits of this repellent are:

  • 8 Hour Protection Time.
  • Water, Sweat & Rub Resistant.
  • Time Release Technology.
  • Pleasant, Neutral Odour.

How To Use

Give can a good shake, hold can upright, 15 – 20 cm from exposed skin. Lightly spray with a slow-sweeping motion. It’s advisable to then use hands to spread the product over all areas of exposed skin. Do not spray towards eyes or mouth. To apply to face, spray on hands and rub on pro tip hands icon. TIP: After spraying on skin, use your hands to evenly spread the product to all areas of exposed skin.


Bushman Ultra is recommened for children 3 years and over.