Osmo Patch 10 patches

Was: $37.95
Now: $34.95
Mediwise Osmo Patch 10 patch packet

Osmo Patch 10 patches

Was: $37.95
Now: $34.95



The Osmo Patch is designed to gently absorb excess fluid from the body and reduce swelling which may then help alleviate associated pain.

The benefits of this product include:

  • Inspired by Nature
  • No steroids or NSAIDS
  • Drug Free
  • Non-Invasive
  • Works while you sleep.

The OSMO Patch when used in combination with adequate rest may provide effective support to reduce inflammation, swelling and the associated pain due to bursitis, baker’s cysts, tendonitis, carpel tunnel as well as many other similar joint and muscular inflammatory conditions.

View our video below to see how the OSMO Patch works:


Contains a shellfish derivative. Not suitable to individuals allergic to shellfish or seafood.

How to use

The information on this page is intended for individuals who have been medically diagnosed with bursitis. If you suspect that you have bursitis then it is important to visit a qualified medical professional in order to rule out any other possible causes prior to considering any advice or treatment option.

Please read the included instructions and use only as directed.


• Contains a shellfish derivative. Not suitable for use on individuals allergic to seafood or shellfish.
• Do not use patches during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
• Do not use patches on children under thirteen years of age.
• Read the safety insert provided and use only as directed.

10 Review(s)

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    Posted by Lee W on 21st Nov 2021

    Recently my Doctor sent me for an ultrasound on my very painful shoulder. This horrific pain radiated down to my wrist and only happened in bed resulting in lack of sleep. The radiology report stated I had Bursitis and not much to do except pain killers. I didn't want that so went searching for something more natural. I found Osmo Patches, read all about them and decided to give them a go. Also because the Pharmacy Network is in Canberra and I spent 37 years in Canberra prior to moving to Queensland. I have used one patch only on the night they arrived and the result was truely fantastic and this relief lasted for 5 nights without using another patch. Once a week seems to be the current pattern. The reduced pain didn't return until 6 days later after a very hectic week so now I'm about to use a second Osmo Patch. I am going to pass on my success with the Osmo Patches to my Doctor. Thank you so very much.

  • 5
    Osmo patches

    Posted by Philip mckay on 4th Nov 2021

    I have been suffering from bursitis on both shoulders for over 3 months, with excrutiating pain taking numerous pain medications to no avail.I have been taking these patches for over a week now, sometimes placing 3 at a time to drain the fluid from my shoulder and thought a mirical happened.I have ordered another 2 boxes and feel confident my bursitis will eventually heal.Thoughaly reccomend this product.



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