Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum 23116

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Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum 23116

Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum 23116

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Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a rechargeable extraction device, using vacuum suction to remove debris from pores. The in-built 10x magnifying HD camera combining with 3 levels of vacuum suction intensity, helps you to visibly clear congested skin with ease; to help achieve instantly clearer, smoother & luminous skin. Each kit contains four different sized nozzles to suit your needs.

The benefits of this pore vacuum are:

  • Large circular nozzle - Suitable for most skin types.
  • Oval nozzle - Most targeted suction for stubborn blackheads or t-zone areas.
  • Small circular nozzle - Weaker suction for sensitive skin.
  • Microdermabrasion nozzle - Helps to clean up dead skin during extraction.

How To Use

DOWNLOAD THE APP: Download the Manicare® Camera App on your smartphone (Compatible with Android 5.0 or IOS 12.0 and above).

ACTIVATE THE CAMERA: Switch on the device. On your smartphone, select Settings > Wi-Fi > Manicare® network. Open the Manicare® Camera App and follow the prompts.


1. Activate the camera through the Manicare® App.

2. Cleanse your skin thoroughly with warm water to open the pores or use a steam bath.

3. Extraction: Using your preferred nozzle and intensity, glide the vacuum gently over your skin, keeping the nozzle moving. Do not stay on the same area for more than 3 seconds.

USB Micro charging cable included.


Do not use on children. If you are susceptible to one or more of the conditions listed below, please seek advice from a medical professional prior to use: Skin allergies, Sunburn, Opened wounds, Itchy skin or skin prone to irritation, Severe acne or active breakouts.