Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid Diffuser

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Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid

Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid Diffuser

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Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid combines all the benefits of sound, light and aromatherapy to help babies drift off to sleep more easily and settle through the night.

The benefits of this sleep aid are:

  • Pink noise is a soothing sound frequency found in nature that relaxes and calms
  • Soothing sounds such as heartbeat sound, waterfall and specially composed lullabies.
  • Red light sleep therapy encourages the body's natural production of melatonin which assists babies to fall asleep.
  • Eight rotating colours white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.
  • Aromatherapy humidifier gently releases ultra-fine mist into the air (no heat). Use with Euky Bear's essential oil range to enjoy the natural wellness benefits of aromatherapy (from 3 months+).
  • Runs all night long
  • Safe and cool to touch
  • Suitable for babies 0+

How To Use

Read operating manual before use (inside the package).
Use as part of bedtime routine to let baby know it is time to rest. The soothing sounds, red light glow and aromatherapy it eases baby into a state of blissful relaxation for both day and night sleeps. When baby is wake use the coloured lights along with soothing sounds and aromatherapy to settle through the day.