Delphine Plus Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Device

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Delphine Plus Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Device

Delphine Plus Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Device

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EPI-NO Delphine Plus is a Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise device to prepare for the giving of birth and to restore after-birth muscle tone. It consists of a silicone balloon and a hand pump with an integrated Biofeedback pressure gauge to monitor muscle-tone improvement of the pelvic floor muscles.
They consist of:
1. An anatomically shaped inflatable silicone balloon
2. A handpump
3. A pressure gauge (only EPI-NO Delphine Plus)
4. An air release valve
5. A connecting tube

How To Use

The balloon often slips out of the vagina - The best idea to avoid this is the following: Roll up a folded towel, so that it forms a 12 cm (3inch) diameter-roll and put it before the training between your thighs. If you now start pumping up the epi-no it will stay in the vagina very comfortable. Releasing the thighs peu a peu, the balloon will glide out softly.

Best training (by midwife Ilana Shemesh, Israel):
Start by inflating the balloon only enough to make it stiff enough to insert. Insert it 3/4 of the way, and do not blow it up more. Practice a few pelvic floor contractions and releases and watch the needle of the manometer. You want to know that you raise the needle when you contract your muscles and are able to completely relax your pelvic floor when you relax the muscles, and see the needle back to starting point.

This is important because you want to build muscles memory that relaxes your pelvic floor while the head is crowning. After a few minutes of this, you pull out the balloon a little so that only half (1/2) is inside. Begin to inflate the balloon, (now you are not looking at the manometer as it does not play a part in the stretching exercises) and you inflate until you reach a low level of discomfort. You should not have pain, just a feeling of maximum stretching. Now you either hold it with your other hand or lay on your side and legs are bent and you hold it in with your upper foot or calf of leg. Try to stay like that for 10 minutes. You must hold it in because the balloon wants to jump out and you invest effort in keeping it in. If you feel comfortable your partner can assist you by holding the balloon.

Repeat the stretching if the balloon jumped out. After ten minutes you stop holding it in, and let it come out. Then you measure how big the diameter is by putting it against the graph template in the instructions booklet. Relax during those ten minutes, listen to music, read, practice guided imagery, think positive birthing thoughts, and do breathing exercises, anything you want.

We recommend commencing the EPI-NO training three weeks prior to the calculated date of your baby's birth.
Optimal results with the EPI-NO training are achieved in the three weeks prior to childbirth. Commencing training earlier than the thirty-seventh week should be undertaken only under the guidance of your physician.
It is recommended that the EPI-NO be used once or twice daily for 10 to 20 minutes for each training session.


The danger of an infection was investigated in the clinical trials. The EPI-NO Birth Trainer is not used in a sterile environment. If the device is cleaned and disinfected according to the Instructions for Use no increased risk of infection is expected. We recommend EPI-NO for personal use only!



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