The Pharmacy Network stocks a wide range of products that can help protect you against cold and flu. With stock arriving daily, The Pharmacy Network is here to support you during this COVID-19 outbreak. We recommend you consider taking the following products with you.

FLO Travel

Flo Travel is a gentle, moisturising nasal spray which contains Carrageenan, a natural red seaweed extract. This handy nasal spray helps wash away mucus which can contain viruses and irritants and relieve nasal dryness. It may also help provide some relief from common cold symptoms. 

Flo Travel Nasal Spray

Disinfectant wipes

Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes are not suitable for use as skin wipes but are primarily designed for hard surface disinfecting and cleaning. Useful to wipe down any public space while you are travelling.

Hospital Grade Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes


TRAVELPROTECT helps protect the mouth & throat from airborne germs that the body can be exposed to when travelling. It is specifically designed for travellers to support natural immune defences when the body is exposed to airborne germs
while travelling.

clearwipe smartphone cleaner

Clearwipe smartphone cleaner easily removes fingerprints and dirt from your smartphone and all touch screen devices. Each wipe is infused with a cleaning solution which dries instantly, leaving it streak-free and kills 99% of germs! 

Clearwipe Smartphone cleaner

Good Things Flushable Toilet Seat Cover

Perfect for travelling and people on the go.

Good Things Flushable Toilet Seat Cover

Soap and Hand Sanitiser

Don't discount the old fashioned soap box with a bar of soap. Washing hands regularly with soap and water is the best protection. Alternatively, hand sanitizers are a useful travel companion. 

Hand Soap protects you from germs

Please Keep in mind that airlines may have liquid limits and not allow products containing hospital grade alcohol which is common in cleaning solutions and hand sanitisers.

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